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Seahawks Athletics

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Seahawks Athletics

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6 months ago by Scott Raczko

Girls and Boys Track and Field Teams Win Liberty District Championships; Girls 4 x 200 Sets School Record at Millrose Games



February 9, 2019





It took a sweep to keep the streak going for the South Lakes High School boys indoor track team.


Finishing first, second and third in the shot put also took the team lead away from Herndon High and give the Seahawks its 11th consecutive Liberty District Indoor Track and Field Championship.


South Lakes finished the two-day championship, held at Prince George’s Sports and Learning Complex in Landover, Md., with 134.50 points. Herndon followed with 113. Washington-Lee scored 78 points for third, followed by Yorktown (51), Langley (50.50) and McLean (38).


The girls team had little difficulty in winning its eight consecutive district/conference title. They scored 176.50 points (88.50 on the first day) and were followed by Washington-Lee (90), Langley (84.50), McLean (50), Yorktown (45) and Herndon (18).


With two events left,  Herndon was up by nine points. Junior Caleb Miller, the No.1 ranked thrower in the district, won with a throw of 46-04.00. His teammates, seniors Jon Lister and Immanuel Semelfort, completed the sweep with their best throws of the season. Lister, whose personal-best was 39-03.00, threw 45-03.00 for second-place. Semelfort had a throw of 40-01.50 for third. His personal record was 35-09.00.


South Lakes dominated all four relays on Day 2 of the championships. Senior Jordan Anderson, junior Rhema Konadu, sophomore Juviannadean Mullings and freshman Jillian Howard won the girls 4x200 meter relay in 1;46.67. Seniors Nicky Napolitano, Daniel Ezidinma, Stevie Jones and junior Jackson Cooley followed and topped that performance by winning the boys 4x200 in a meet record time of 1:32.35. The previous mark of 1:33.04 was set in 2012 by SLHS.


In the 4x400 meter relay, seniors Nicole Post, Jordan Anderson and juniors Caitlyn Morris and Emily Lannen combined for a 4:07.40 for the win while Napolitano, senior Will Shapiro, junior David Ramirez and freshman Tyler Benett won the boys 4x400 in 3:36.17.

The Seahawks several individual events on Day 2:

**While the boys swept the shot put, junior Sarah Jane Brown took the top spot in the girls division with a throw of 30-03.75. Sophomore Molly Shapiro was fourth (28-03.00).

**Mullings (42.09) and Jones (36.10) won their divisions of the 300 meter dash.  Howard (43.30, 3rd), Konadu (43.65, 4th) and Post (44.10,5th) also scored for the girls’ team in that event as did Napolitano (37.65, 4th) for the boys.

**Lannen won the girls 1000 meters in 3:04.85. Morris was third (3:08.67) and senior Isabelle Gulgert finished fifth (3:11.77). Senior Calvin Warstler, who won the 3,200 meter run on Day 1, was fourth in the 1000 (2:40.01) and Ramirez finished fifth (2:40.83).

**Gulgert was also sixth in the 1,600 meters (5:31.17).

**Senior Kristen Williams (34-05.00) and Bennett (41-00.50) both finished second in their divisions of the triple jump.

**In the high jump, senior Samantha Van Haaren finished tied for third (4-10.00) in the girls division while Shapiro (5-06.00) tied for fourth and Miller (5-04.00) tied for sixth in the boys division.


The Seahawks open this year’s championships with junior Hannah Waller winning the 55 meters (7.05 prelims, 7.08 finals) and the long jump (meet record 18-05.00) on Day 1 (January 23). Senior Asher Levy-Myers won the pole vault with a school record 13-04.00 that day. Junior Mary Gregory won the 500 meter dash in 1:18.32 on Day 1.


Waller and Gregory had just return from Iceland after competing for Team USA at the Reykjavik International Games and did not run in Day 2 of districts. However, they teamed with Konadu and Mullings and ran in the NASF Invitational Girls’ 4x200 Meter Relay at the Millrose Games February 9 in New York and finished fourth (1:41.49). Waller also ran in the Millrose Foundational Junior Girls’ 300 meter dash and finished fourth with a time of 38.89.


SLHS will compete in the VHSL 6A Region D championship scheduled for February 11 and 13 at the Prince George’s Sports and Learning Complex in Landover, MD. Should inclement weather cancel the February 11 activities, the meet
will be conducted February 13-14 at the same location.


For more information, please contact Scott Raczko, SLHS Track and Field Head Coach, at


SLHS Results from Liberty District Indoor Track and Field Championships (January 23 and February 8, 2019)

**Region qualifier

***State qualifier

$School record

#Meet record

DAY 1 (JAN. 23)


Long Jump

**Nicole Post 16-00.00 3rd

**#Hannah Waller 18-05.00 1st

**Kristen Williams 15-06.00 5th (tie)


Tyler Benett 18-02.00 11th

**Stevie Jones 21-01.50 2nd

Hussen Kurtu 17-11.00 12th


Pole Vault

**Amelia DiBiase 6-09.00 4th

**Jade Pequignet 6-03.00 6th

**Molly Shapiro 7-03.00 3rd


**$Asher Levy-Myers 13-04.00 1st

**Jonathan Luu 10-06.00 5th

**Caleb Miller 10-06.00 6th



4x800 Meter Relay

**Beth Matthews 2:33

**Caitlyn Morris 2:25

**Sophie Halkett 2:30

**Sydney Anderson 2:30.7 - 10:02.48 2nd


Stephen Esse 2:12.9

Vincent Prudhomme 2:12.2

Alex Beckner 2:13.6

Webb Nims 2:08.6 - 8:47.79 4th


55 Meter Dash

**Jillian Howard 7.52 prelims, 7.49 finals 3rd

**Rhema Konadu 7.52 prelims, 7.48 finals 2nd

**Juviannadean Mullings 7.57 prelims, 7.57 finals 4th

***Hannah Waller 7.05 prelims, 7.08 finals 1st


**Jackson Cooley 6.70 prelims, 6.74 finals 4th

Daniel Ezidinma 6.82 prelims, 6.86 finals 7th

***Stevie Jones 6.68 prelims, 6.60 finals 2nd



55 Meter Hurdles

Mira Cuthill 10.28 12th

Amelia DiBiase 10.60 16th

Megan Luczko 12.62 22nd (fall)

Alana Pardo 9.81 prelims, 9.70 8th

**Nicole Post 9.03 prelims, 9.02 finals 4th

**Kristen Williams 9.13 prelims, 9.45 finals 7th


Ethan Bower 9.07 prelims, 9.38 finals 7th

Hussen Kurtu 9.33 prelims, 9.73 finals 8th

**William Watson 8.73 prelims, 9.05 finals 4th


3200 Meter Run

**Marissa Banga 11:54.19 5th

Kelly Bidwell 12:57.41 12th

Isabelle Gulgert 12:29.25 9th


Greyson Deker 11:08.45 DNF

Liam Lawrence 10:42.38 8th

**Calvin Warstler 9:55.36 1st


500 Meter Dash

Jordan Anderson 1:24.01 7th

***Mary Gregory 1:18.32 1st

Tina Habibi 1:27.17 11th

**Emily Lannen 1:20.05 2nd


Joshua Gregory 1:15.14 11th

Alexander Harbour 1:16.69 14th

**David Ramirez 1:11.73 2nd 


TEAM RESULTS (after seven events)


  1. South Lakes               88.50
  2. Washington-Lee          44
  3. Langley                         40.50
  4. Yorktown                      20
  5. McLean                         18
  6. Herndon                         6


  1. Herndon                        65
  2. South Lakes                59
  3. Washington-Lee          46
  4. Langley                          26
  5. McLean                          11
  6. Yorktown                       10





DAY 2 (FEB. 8)


Triple Jump

**Kristen Williams 34-05.00 2nd


**Tyler Benett 41-00.50 2nd


High Jump

**Samantha Van Haaren 4-10.00 3rd (tie)


**Caleb Miller 5-04.00 6th (tie)

**Will Shapiro 5-06.00 4th (tie)


Shot Put

**Sarah Jane Brown 30-03.75 1st

Beth Matthews 26-04.75 8th

**Molly Shapiro 28-03.00 4th


**Jon Lister 43-05.50 2nd

**Caleb Miller 46-04.00 1st

**Immanuel Semelfort 40-01.50 3rd



4x200 Meter Relay

***Rhema Konadu 26.8

***Jillian Howard 26.4

***Jordan Anderson 27.3

***Juviannadean Mullings 26.0 - 1:46.67 1st


***#Nicky Napolitano 23.1

***#Daniel Ezidinma 23.6

***#Jackson Cooley 23.3

***#Stevie Jones 22.1 - 1:32.35 1st


1600 Meter Run

Marissa Banga 5:32.54 7th

**Isabelle Gulgert 5:31.17 6th

Sophie Halkett 5:59.79 14th


Alex Beckner 4:56.28 14th

Matthew Umbrell 5:08.52 16th

Calvin Warstler 4:40.03 7th











300 Meter Dash

**Jill Howard 43.30 3rd

**Rhema Konadu 43.65 4th

**Juviannadean Mullings 42.09 1st

**Nicole Post 44.10 5th


Tyler Benett 38.10 7th

Jackson Cooley 38.14 8th

Daniel Ezidinma 38.72 12th

Alexander Harbour 38.37 10th

***Stevie Jones 36.10 1st

**Nicky Napolitano 37.65 4th


1000 Meter Run

**Isabelle Gulgert 3:11.77 5th

***Emily Lannen 3:04.85 1st

**Caitlyn Morris 3:08.67 3rd


Webb Nims 2:46.72 8th

**David Ramirez 2:40.83 5th

**Calvin Warstler 2:40.01 4th


4x400 Meter Relay

**Nicole Post 62.5

**Jordan Anderson 62.4

**Caitlyn Morris 62.5

**Emily Lannen 59.7 - 4:07.40 1st


**Nicky Napolitano 53.3

**Tyler Benett 54.3

**Will Shapiro 55.2

**David Ramirez 53.04 - 3:36.17 1st




  1. South Lakes           176.50
  2. Washington-Lee     90
  3. Langley                    84.50
  4. McLean                    50
  5. Yorktown                 45
  6. Herndon                   18



  1. South Lakes         134.50
  2. Herndon                 113
  3. Washington-Lee       78
  4. Yorktown                   51
  5. Langley                      50.50
  6. McLean                      38


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