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Seahawks Athletics

South Lakes High School


Seahawks Athletics

South Lakes High School

Seahawks Athletics

South Lakes High School

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11 months ago




February 2, 2018




South Lakes High School scored in all 15 events en route to winning the Liberty District Indoor Track and Field Championships Feb. 2 at the Prince George’s Sports and Learning Complex in Landover, MD.


The boys team scored 193.33 points for its 10th consecutive district/conference title. They were followed by Langley (98.33), Washington-Lee (66), Herndon (56.33), Yorktown (33 and McLean (15). 


The girls team won its the seventh consecutive district/conference title by scoring 173 points. Langley was second with 92.50 followed by McLean (85.50), Washington-Lee (61), Herndon (37) and Yorktown (15).


Sophomore Hannah Waller and junior Isabelle Gulgert were golden in every event they competed in. Waller won the long jump (17-05.00) and 55 meter dash (6.99) on Day 1 and returned to win the 300 meters (39.89) and anchor the winning 4x400 meter relay team of senior Aly Rayle, junior Nicole Post and sophomore Mary Gregory on Day 2. They finished with a 4:07.09. Gregory, who won the 500 meters (1:16.79) and finished sixth in the pole vault (6-09.00) the night before, was second in the 300 meters with a time of 41.75.


Gulgert won the 3,200 meters (11:51.07) on the opening day of the competition and then won both 1,600 meters (5:15.66) and 1,000 meters (3:06.18) the next day. 


Senior Sean Casey, winner of the boys 3,200 (10:00.22) on the first day, finished second in the 1,600 meters (4:34.30) and third in the 1,000 meters (2:37.13) behind teammate Alex Loukili (2:36.76, 2nd) on Day 2.


In the shot put, senior Jamie Richards won the girls division with a throw of 32-00.00. Senior Ronak Cuthill had a throw of 51-07.50 for second place in the boys division and the school record. The previous mark of 50-09.00 was set by Yaki Ibia during the 2006-2007 season.


Led by senior Alex Wallace, the SLHS boys swept the 500 meter dash on Day 1. Wallace won the event 1:07.18 followed closely by senior John Eggeman (1:07.48, 2nd) and sophomore David Ramirez (1:11.11, 3rd). On Day 2, Wallace led another SLHS sweep, this time in the 300 meters, winning the event in 36.82, followed by junior Stevie Jones (36.98, 2nd) and Eggeman (36.99, 3rd).  Jones, who won the 55 meters (6.67) and the long jump (20-08.00) on the first day, teamed with Wallace, Eggeman and senior Otman Srayi to win the boys 4x400 meter relay (3:32.51). He also finished second in the triple jump (40-11.00).


SLHS dominated the relay events with  seniors Peter Delmolino,  Loukili and juniors Nicky Gryski and Calvin Warstler winning 4x800 meters in 8:23.76. Senior Reagan Tobias teamed with sophomores Caitlyn Morris, Beth Matthews and Emily Lannen for second in the girls division (10:01.65). The Seahawks started Day 2 off by winning the girls 4x200 meter relay. Sophomores Rhema Konadu, Alyssa Smith, junior Alana Pardo and Rayle finished in 1:50.50. The boys team of seniors Pape Ndiaye, Carson Frutchey, Aidan Smith and Kojo Kumi-Darfour ran a 1:37.90 for second.


Other notable SLHS performances include:

  • Konadu (7.63, 2nd) and Smith (7.83, 6th) in the 55 meters.
  • Kumi-Darfour (9.04, 2nd)  and Pardo (9.82, 3rd) in the 55 meter hurdles.
  • Senior Caelan Nzamba in the 55 meter hurdles (9.27, 6th), triple jump (38-04.75, 4th) and high jump (5-06.00, 6th)
  • Senior Ammar Faroun in the long jump (17-11.75, 4th) and pole vault (11-06.00, 5th)
  • Sophomore Samantha Van Haaren (5-00.00, 2nd) and senior Hathem Mohamed (5-08.00, 3rd) in the high jump.
  • Rayle in the 500 meters (1:21.64, 6th), high jump (4-10.00 6th) and triple jump (32-03.50, 5th).
  • Sophomores Asher Levy-Myers (11-06.00 4th) and Olivia Abbey (7-09.00, 4th), freshman Molly Shapiro (7-03.00, 5th)  and senior Mikko Laquindanum (11-00.00, 6th) in the pole vault.
  • Senior Olivia Beckner (12:03.46, 2nd) and sophomore Marissa Banga (12:13.66, 4th) in the 3,200 meters.
  • Loukili (4:34.28, 3rd), senior Owen Walker (4:45.61, 6th) and sophomore Caitlyn Morris (5:35.82, 5th) in the 1,600 meters.
  • Lannen (3:11.46, 4th), Warstler (2:44.37, 5th) and Delmolino (2:44.86, 6th) in the 1,000 meters.
  • Senior Megan Allison (29-03.00, 4th), sophomore Caleb Miller (43-08.00, 3rd) and junior Andrew Delgado (40-08.00, 5th) in the shot put.
  • Post (44.52, 6th), sophomore Tijani Ali-Musa (38.07, 5th) and senior Carson Frutchey (38.17, 6th) in the 300 meters.


Next stop for SLHS is the region meet February 12th and 14th at the Prince George’s Sports and Learning Complex in Landover, MD.

For more information, please contact SLHS Track Coach Scott Raczko at


**Region qualifier

***State qualifier


Long Jump

Arika Fields 12-11.00 13th

**Hannah Waller 17-05.00 1st

Kristen Williams 13-03.75 12th


**Ammar Faroun 17-11.75 4th

**Stevie Jones 20-08.00 1st

Caelan Nzamba 16-08.50 10th


Triple Jump

**Aly Rayle 32-03.50 5th

**Kristen Williams 31-03.75 6th


**Stevie Jones 40-11.00 2nd

Tahiry Langrand 36-10.25 8th

**Caelan Nzamba 38-04.75 4th


High Jump

Arika Fields 4-06.00 10th

**Aly Rayle 4-10.00 6th

**Samantha Van Haaren 5-00.00 2nd


**Hathem Mohamed 5-08.00 3rd

**Caelan Nzamba 5-06.00 6th


Pole Vault

**Olivia Abbey 7-09.00 4th

**Mary Gregory 6-09.00 6th

**Molly Shapiro 7-03.00 5th


**Ammar Faroun 11-06.00 5th

**Mikko Laquindanum 11-00.00 6th

**Asher Levy-Myers 11-06.00 4th

Jonny Luu 11-00.00 9th


Shot Put

**Megan Allison 29-03.00 4th

**Jamie Richards 32-00.00 1st

Molly Shapiro 24-04.00 12th


***Ronak Cuthill 51-07.50 2nd SCHOOL RECORD

**Andrew Delgado 40-08.00 5th

**Caleb Miller 43.08.00 3rd



4x800 Meter Relay

**Reagan Tobias 2:32

**Caitlyn Morris 2:32

**Beth Matthews 2:33

**Emily Lannen 2:23 - 10:01.65 2nd


**Peter Delmolino 2:08

**Nicky Gryski 2:06

**Calvin Warstler 2:06

**Alex Loukili 2:02 - 8:23.76 1st


55 Meter Hurdles

Skylar Montgomery 9.73 prelims 10.87 finals 7th

**Alana Pardo 9.65 prelims 9.82 finals 3rd

Kristen Williams 9.48 prelims 13.08 finals 8th


Christian Jones 10.30 10th

**Kojo Kumi-Darfour 9.29 prelims 9.04 finals 2nd

**Caelan Nzamba 9.46 prelmis 9.27 finals 6th


55 Meter Dash

**Rhema Konadu 7.59 prelims 7.63 finals 2nd

**Alyssa Smith 7.77 prelims 7.83 finals 6th

***Hannah Waller 7.00 prelims 6.99 finals 1st


Tijani Ali-Musa 6.95 9th

**Stevie Jones 6.72 prelims 6.67 finals 1st

Pape Ndiaye 6.84 prelims 6.88 finals 7th


4x200 Meter Relay

**Rhema Konadu 28.0

**Alyssa Smith 26.8

**Alana Pardo 28.2

**Aly Rayle 27.2 - 1:50.50 1st


**Pape Ndiaye 24.3

**Carson Frutchey 23.7

**Aidan Smith 24.6

**Kojo Kumi-Darfour 24.9 - 1:37.90 2nd


1600 Meter Run

***Isabelle Gulgert 5:15.66 1st

**Caitlyn Morris 5:35.82 5th


**Alex Loukili 4:34.28 3rd

**Sean Casey 4:34.30 2nd

**Owen Walker 4:45.41 6th


500 Meter Dash

Olivia Abbey 1:29.19 19th

***Mary Gregory 1:16.79 1st

Nicole Post 1:23.77 11th

**Aly Rayle 1:21.64 6th


***John Eggeman 1:07.48 2nd

**David Ramirez 1:11.11 3rd

Aidan Smith 1:12.65 9th

***Alex Wallace 1:07.18 1st


1000 Meter Run 

***Isabelle Gulgert 3:06.18 1st

**Emily Lannen 3:11.46 4th

Reagan Tobias 3:15.10 8th


**Sean Casey 2:37.13 3rd

**Peter Delmolino 2:44.86 6th

Nicky Gryski 2:47.01 10th

***Alex Loukili 2:36.76 2nd

David Ramirez 2:49.10 14th

Owen Walker 3:00.89 21st

**Calvin Warstler 2:44.37 5th


300 Meter Dash

**Mary Gregory 41.75 2nd

**Nicole Post 44.52 6th

***Hannah Waller 39.89 1st


**Tijani Ali-Musa 38.07 5th

**Stevie Jones 36.98 2nd

**John Eggeman 36.99 3rd

**Carson Frutchey 38.17 6th

Pape Ndiaye 38.66 7th

Otman Srayi 38.96 8th

**Alex Wallace 36.82 1st



3200 Meter Run

**Marissa Banga 12:13.66 4th

**Olivia Beckner 12:03.46 2nd

**Isabelle Gulgert 11:51.07 1st


**Sean Casey 10:00.22 1st

Webb Nims 10:51.32 9th

Owen Walker 11:06.49 13th


4x400 Meter Relay

**Aly Rayle 62.7

**Nicole Post 62.7

**Mary Gregory 60.3

**Hannah Waller 61.0 - 4:07.09 1st


**John Eggeman 52.2

**Alex Wallace 52.9

**Otman Srayi 54.4

**Stevie Jones 52.7 - 3:32.51 1st
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